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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Welcome to the LPSNC blog site!

Families who have children with special needs often worry about how to provide for their financial and physical well-being after the parents are gone. Just putting aside large sums of money for such children isn't always the answer, especially if the special needs child will need to rely on Medicaid and/or Medicare to cover large medical expenses.  Giving a special needs child large sums of money and/or physical assets can cause the child to lose his/her Medicaid eligibility.

Still another concern is who will care for the special needs child/children after the parents are gone?  Will it be siblings, grandparents, other relatives, or friends?  How will the new caregivers be able to access the resources necessary to provide for the needs of the special needs child/children?

These and many other critical questions will be addressed by Mr. Steve Morris in this blog.  Steve will welcome your questions and concerns as he explores, in-depth, all the facets of securing the resources necessary to provide for the needs of Special Needs Children.  Steve looks forward to hearing from you.